sensitivity reading by tora brumalis


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tora brumalis is a sensitivity reader who does work for HarperCollins imprints including Inkyard Press and Harlequin Books. she is able to read for the following issues:

  • Black American culture, AAVE, antiblack racism

  • Black womanhood, misogyny, womanism

  • Trans women, lesbianism, transmisogyny, nonbinary identity

  • Queer culture & critique, racism in LGBTQ+ spaces

  • Disability, ableism, accessibility, mobility aids

  • Classism, homelessness, unemployment
  • Sexual harassment/abuse, domestic abuse/violence, assault

  • Fat positivity, fatphobia, body insecurity, eating disorders

  • Mental health, personality disorders, dissociative disorders

  • Drug use, overdose, hospitalization, self medicating

pricing starts at a flat $40 for up to 1,000 words.

  • $100 for short stories up to 10k

  • $150 for novellas 10k - 45k

  • $250 for novels 45k to 75k

  • $350 for novels 75k to 100k

  • +$50 per 25k rush fee

  • $65 for an email consult of up to 6 questions; +$5 per additional Q

results will be delivered within 2-3 weeks via a comprehensive write-up with citations where necessary. all reads include one round of questions after receipt. developmental edits are not included.

additional charge may be applied for manuscripts that require extensive reading for multiple issues.