sensitivity reading by tora brumalis

tora brumalis is a sensitivity reader who does work for HarperCollins imprints including Inkyard Press and Harlequin Books.

she is able to read for the following issues:

  • Black culture, AAVE, antiblack racism, microaggressions

  • Trans women, transmisogyny

  • Disability, ableism, accessibility, mobility aids

  • Womanhood, misogyny, black womanhood, womanism

  • Queer culture & critique, racism in LGBTQ+ spaces

  • Classism, homelessness, unemployment

  • Sexual harassment/abuse, domestic abuse/violence, assault

  • Fat positivity, fatphobia, body insecurity, eating disorders

  • Mental health, personality disorders, dissociative disorders

rates begin at $250 for completed manuscripts up to 90k words with a turnaround of 4 weeks. faster turnarounds available for additional price. custom pricing available for short stories and longer works -- please contact for more information.

additional charge may be applied for manuscripts that require extensive reading for multiple issues. write-ups of sensitivity reads do not include developmental edits.

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