what sapphic is

A collection of paintings breaking down rigid stereotypes that make assumptions about what sapphism is limited to.

home within skin

home within skin is a heartfelt exploration of the lives of people whose stories we refuse to tell, or maybe refuse to tell in a certain way. It is set in 2018 Chicago, but with aliens, and follows the life of Jackson Gale ("Jax") who is homeless, disabled, trans, and in love with an alien sex worker.

and upon you, peace

and upon you, peace is a novella-length illustrated book that deals with themes like religion, queerness, and polyamory. It is set in modern day Windsor and strives to bring some much-needed realism to the media's representation of LGBTQ religious kids.


COSMICORE is a developing e-zine featuring exclusively disabled creators. Submissions are currently open for the theme LUMINOSITY.

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