imperfect legislation is a farce

McCain tweets: "the bill is not perfect," despite justifying his support of it. That right there is where the bill should have died -- any bill.

I'm a writer. I'm not a law writer. I write science fiction, fantasy, romance, and slice of life, with an emphasis on introspection, philosophy, and diversity. If I look at my writing and say, "This is not perfect," it's not ready to be posted on the internet, much less made a law that will affect the livelihood of millions of people.

Editing is something that even the most menial of writers and thinkers are expected to do. People making labels for candy bars and applesauce jars need to examine their work for mistakes. Teachers must draft, inspect, and revise their lesson plans. If you picked up a book by JK Rowling and found that there were hand-written modifications (sometimes illegible) in the text, and it WASN'T done for stylistic reasons, I'm sure you would be extremely disappointed and find her competence and professionalism lacking.

Our elected officials are PAID to make these bills perfect. Even if nothing is truly "perfect," before anything is signed into law they should be able to say, like any other writer does, "I wholly believe that this document is as flawlessly executed as is possible at this time." That is the commitment they made to the American public. That is their entire purpose.

Regardless of political affiliation, NO ONE should be making excuses that allow our elected officials to skirt the extremely important, basic tenets of their job. Our country's survival quite literally depends on it.

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