home within skin

It's not easy being homeless, especially when you're smack in the middle of a brutal Chicago winter. Jackson Gale, a disabled trans man with more hangups than belongings, has survived the past four and a half years by keeping his head down and refusing to trust. Real world issues like intergalactic immigration, political despair, and shifting social nuance seem wholly inaccessible to him until one night he walks in on an equally distrustful member of Chicago’s non-human population, and his careful dance of normalcy goes all kinds of sideways.


Or: In which a homeless trans man and an alien sex worker ruin each other's nights, film a porno, and fall in love.

home within skin is an upcoming series that aims to break the boundaries between the stories we tell and the ones we don't. Featuring homeless and disabled people, sex workers, and aliens, the story paints a picture of oppression in modern-day America but with a Sci-Fi twist. Sometimes sexy, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes both - the story of Jax and Sei-vész's relationship shows both painful realism and starry-eyed fantasy.


HWS is an explicit story that includes, among other things: graphic descriptions of sex, graphic descriptions of being trans, and graphic descriptions of PTSD/dysphoria mindspace. The story does NOT have graphic descriptions of violence or abuse; HWS is written for people who need to see themselves portrayed as people, not targets. Anyone seeking out torture porn will not find it here.

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