looking to be a bastion of visibility for disabled people of various intersections, COSMICORE endeavors to be a diverse e-zine with quarterly issues, all revolving around space-inspired themes. the importance of the cosmic to the disabled community lies in our physical importance in a world that often neglects us. we are children of the stars.



  1. What counts as disabled? | Anyone who identifies as disabled can submit. This includes physical, invisible, cognitive, and mental illness -related disabilities. You do not have to justify your disability or explain it. If you do not want to provide certain information, we do not ask.

  2. How long are submissions open? | Submissions are open indefinitely until we have enough content to choose from. As a new project, it does take a while to gain traction.

  3. Will content creators be paid? | That's our long-term goal. At the moment, this is run by indie disabled artists who are just as broke as everyone else. We hope to generate enough sales to start paying contributors.

  4. How do I get a copy? | COSMICORE will be sold in PDF form on this website once the issues are released. They will be $3 per download. Proceeds will go toward producing physical copies, which will be distributed in select locations.

  5. How do I follow updates? | There is an option below to subscribe to the mailing list. Progress reports will be sent out there.

  6. I have more questions. | Hey! That's fine. Email for any further inquiries.

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