and upon you, peace

Rima and Zuhair are best friends. Their families are close, both part of the Muslim community in Windsor, Ontario. Hezekiah is trying to survive a custody battle between his father and his strict Catholic mother. As they orbit each other throughout their teenage years, the three of them are challenged to reconcile their religious upbringing and personal identity, along with some very confusing feelings for each other.

No matter your background, some struggles are the same.

"upon you" is an upcoming novel from Less Than Three Press. it tells a painfully honest love story about three teenagers who can’t escape each other. they wind in and out of relationships, bringing complex issues to the forefront of the narrative.

the novel's main themes cover authoritarian parenting, the relationship between religious communities and their LGBTQ children, and the process of reconciling individuality with an upbringing that makes it very hard to be yourself.

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