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jem is many things: queer, disabled, radical, almost thirty (yikes). ze lives with zir fiancée, mum, and sibling, in a house flooded with an assortment of legged and legless animals.

while jem’s explosive creativity has been, in both past and present, affected by the greek tragicomedy known as zir life story, ze stuck to zir guns and pulled through, choosing to live authentically and openly as a neurodivergent trauma survivor. 

jem has an associate’s degree in art foundation and is making progress on an accounting technician certificate. ze is also a life coach, and has professional experience with acting and photography. 

equal media representation is the key to jem’s creative process; zir work centers those who are considered unacceptable and unmarketable. other common themes are LGBTQIA+ culture and experiences, physical and neurological disability, class and race intersections, and sex worker's rights. ze incorporates these narratives with science fiction/fantasy, using fantastical elements to create metaphors for real-world struggles.

jem has a passion for erotic content, and considers access to sexual aids an important component to a sexually healthy society. much of zir work has explicit or mature elements.

if you like detailed social critique, gay aliens, and gender liberation, then you're in the right place.

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